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Report of Monarchs Raised 2015

The Monarchs arrived very late in Nova Scotia this year.  The female that layed all the eggs we raised into adults did not arrive until 30 July but fortunately she stayed in our field and gave us several batches of eggs. We released the first adult on 22nd August and the last on 29th September.  We released 71, 36 females and 33 males and 2 undetermined. There were four donated to a nature film for imaging and we do not know the fate of them. One of the 75 raised was one that lived wild in the field. We saw fewer than half-a-dozen wild Monarchs in the field. They just do not have a very good chance of surviving in the field with so many predators lurking there. We tagged 50 of the butterflies released with tags registered with Monarch Watch

More details are on the page 2015 Monarch Raising Details

A description of the Monarch raising operation on Brooklyn Street, Brooklyn Corner is given on the webpage

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