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Canard River, Tidal Floods, and Acadian Dykes

Minas Basin Rivers before 1680 - Tidal Flooding Today when one drives from Wolfville to Canning, Nova Scotia, it is a pleasant passage through productive farmland the whole way. During thetransit, there are crossings of a river and a couple small streams which are hardly noticed. Before 1750 this trip would have been far different because several dykes holding the tidal waters of the Minas Basin had not been built yet. The map below of the area of interest shows the flooding to the 7 meter

Winter Summary 2021-22 - Kentville

Winter Weather - Eastern Annapolis Valley 2021-2022 by Larry Bogan MonthMaximumTemp CMinimumTemp CMeanTemp CPrecipmm Decmeber4.4-4.6-0.194 30 yr avg1.5-6.1-2.3122 30 yr avg 30 yr avg 30 yr avg January -0.2 -11.5 -5.8 163 30 yr avg -1.3 -9.8 -5.6 116 February 1.4 -8.2 -3.4 163 30 yr avg -0.5 -9.2 -4.9 101 Winter Season 1.9 -8.1 -3.1 420 30 yr avg -0.1 -8.3 -4.2 339 Data from Environment Canada 30 year averages for 1981-2010 On average the winter was a mild but wet one with lots of snow. It

The Blomidon Naturalists 50th Year Anniversary

This is a copy of a presentation at Nature Nova Scotia's Celebration of Nature that I gave to mark the 50th Anniversary of the formation of Blomidon Naturalists Society in

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