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Common Milkweed Flowers and Skipper ButterflyI have found a couple of excellent articles that provide valuable information on milkweeds, their value, growth and propagation and on Common Milkweed physiology. These are both in the form of pdf files.

  • Milkweeds - A Conservation Practitioner's Guide
    by Borders and Lee-Mader (Xerces Society 2014)
    - A comprehesive presentation of milkweed, the varieties, where they grow, how to grow them, and the importance of milkweed for insects (including the Monarch butterfly of course)
  • The Story of an Organism: Common Milkweed
    by Craig Holdrege (Nature Institute 2010)
    - A detailed description of Common Milkweed, its physiology, how it reproduces, and propagates. There is a presentation on the insects that feed on it (The Monarch is not the only one).

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