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eButterfly and Mission Monarch

Mission Monarch LogoeButterfly is a website to post observations of butterflies.  It was used during the Maritime Butterfly Atlas to collect observations from field observers.  Now eButterfly is partnering with several other butterfly conservation groups to create a site called Mission Monarch to report observations of Monarch butterfly progress during the summer season. Citizen scientists are asked to identify sites with milkweed and monitor them for eggs, larvae and Monarchs.

If you are interested in participating by surveying for Monarch eggs, larvae and butterflies, there are many sites in Kings County as shown on Milkweed location maps where we know where Common Milkweed grows.  The image below is a picture of Common Milkweed in early summer as it is about to flower.  We would like to know if there is more milkweed sites so if you see any let us know by emailing

If you are interested in monitoring a site, signup on Mission Monarch.

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