Seven Falls Climb in Melvern Square


As with my Currie Brook Adventure, I discovered this unique place when going after a geocache.  This time it was only one outing and it required only one short hike.  The unique quality in this site is the long continuous series of cascading water coming down from the top of the North Mountain.  I first looked for the geocache container that was near the bottom of the cascade. After it was found, repaired and placed in its correct location, I proceded to climb or hike up to the top of the cascade.  The images below are in the order seen during the climb.  The total height gained was 67 metres and the length of the trail was only 300 metres. At this time of the year there was enough water flowing to make the cascade interesting. Other visitors had reported that in the summer the stream dries up and there is no cascade of water. 

Images of Seven Falls during a climb up the slopes

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A view to the falls
(or cascade) from
the bottom

The lowest part of the

The geocache
container was 
found laying on the 

A view on up the 
slope showing the
middle of the 

The cascade keeps
going and this is the
upper part of the 

At the top this falls
appears to be the
last part

But above that there
is yet another gentler
cascade of water.

Finally at the top 
there is a stream 
feeding the top of
the cascade.
View on the say down

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